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What 2021 2020 2019 2018
Pub 17 Eng Eng Eng Span Eng
Pub 502 Medical Expenses   PDF PDF PDF
Pub 4299 Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights   PDF PDF  
Pub 2043 – IRS Refund Information Guidelines   Link Link  
Tax and EIC Tables Link Link Link Link
Pub 926 Household Employer’s Tax Guide Link Link Link  
Form 13814-C Intake Form  Link Link Link  
Form 14446 Virtual Taxpayer Consent PDF PDF    


General ITIN Information Link    
SPEC ITIN Guidance PDF    
ITIN Procedures List PDF    
ITIN Renewal Letter Sent to Taxpayers – example
Form  Instructions Attachment
Pub 1915 – Understanding your ITIN English  Spanish  

Identify Theft and Schedule C

What All Years
Schedule C – de Minimis Safe Harbor Election PDF
Understanding your CP01A Notice from the IRS Link
FAQs about Identity PINs Link

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