District/Local Coordinator Resources

District/Local Coordinator Resources

Some of these documents are labeled for previous tax years
If you know of a more recent edition, please send an email to ortaxaide@gmail.com

Virtual Models

AARP has now provided information about each Virtual Method. All current files related to each method have been download and provided here for your convenience. These are as of 12/31/2020. You will need to be signed in Chrome with your AARP gmail account. These are ZIP Files.

Traditional Scan Method 
Low Contact
No Contact

District Developed Models and Processes

Oregon Virtual Site Resource Guide

Oregon Virtual Tax Preparation Materials

Josephine County Combined Low/No Contact Process

External Overview PDF
Internal Overview Flow PDF
Narrative Flow PDF
File Structures PDF
Phone Interview Script PDF
Master Log – Draft Excel Source
Itemized Deductions/Credits PDF fillable
Document Checklist PDF fillable

Mailing Labels

For use with Avery 5160 labels or equivalent.

IRS 1040 No Tax Due Publisher PDF
IRS 1040 with Payment Publisher PDF
IRS Amended — Paper Publisher PDF
IRS Estimated Publisher PDF
IRS Voucher Publisher PDF
Oregon Payment Voucher Publisher PDF

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